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MATLAB toolbox for continuous event detection

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DETECT overview

DETECT is a MATLAB™ Toolbox for the detection and identification of events in long multi-channel time series. Given training data of the events of interest and a feature extraction technique, DETECT can be used to train a classification model and label continuous time series data. Our motivation for developing DETECT was primarily for the analysis of multi-channel electroencephalography (EEG) signals.

Requirements and installation

The requirements to run DETECT are:

To install

Sample data can be downloaded from our software page at

Documentation and sample code for all of our functions can be found at

For more information on the status of this project, please visit our project page at

Users can report software problems and issues by visiting our Issue Tracker page located at


Lawhern, V., Hairston, W.D., McDowell, K., Westerfield, M. and Robbins, K. (2012)
Detection and Classification of Subject-Generated Artifacts in EEG Signals using Autoregressive Models
Journal of Neuroscience Methods 208(2), 181-189.

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